Lesser dwellings - wax model graveyard

By the 9th century, the Slavs had settled the Baltic coast in Pomerania , which subsequently developed into a commercial and military power. [7] Along the coastline, remnants of Scandinavian settlements and emporia were to be found. The most important of them was probably the trade settlement and seaport of Truso , [8] located in Prussia . Prussia itself was relatively unaffected by Slavic migration and remained inhabited by Baltic Old Prussians . During the same time, the tribe of the Vistulans ( Wiślanie ), based in Kraków and the surrounding region, controlled a large area in the south, which they developed and fortified with many strongholds.

Lesser Dwellings - Wax Model GraveyardLesser Dwellings - Wax Model GraveyardLesser Dwellings - Wax Model Graveyard