Dasein - pays sans visage

Produced by paris-based group Dasein, Pays sans visage is an audiovisual work which takes us at the heart of a nuclear disaster. Its ambient/drone oriented soundtrack gets a reinterpretation by four producers bringing their own personal set of influences : Deikean's stripped-down techno, Cyberlife's deconstructed style, Yan Kaylen's dreamlike exploration, and Nulpar's ambiguous intricate rhythms. A post-apocalyptic sounding EP filled with dark visions and dubbed-out intentions. Tracklist : A1. Pays Sans Visage (Deikean's War Interpretation) A2. Pays Sans Visage (Cyberlife Resample) B1. Pays Sans Visage (Yan Kaylen Kontinuum Remix) B2. Pays Sans Visage (Nulpar CS 137 remix) Mastering by Mathieu Berthet Artwork by Dasein [TRIPALIUM CORP] - Digital Mutant Series 013

Dasein - Pays Sans Visage